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Thanks for your interest on me, i feel glad that i caught your atention, now that i got you, you will see thats very easy to like me and feel like you are like a friend with benefits for me.

I am a student, 24 years old, marketing, my name is Isabella, my original country is Brasil but i live in Barcelona at moment.

About my life i am modeling for 1 year, aside that i do some partnerships with fashion brands also here in Spain and i work as a host in an agency for events. I speak english very well, as is the only language that i allow on my chats, i never do a session speaking brasilian because ive experienced before being recorded and added to porn sites on Brasil, so i have on mind that i cant avoid being recorded but i would prefer if that happens on USA, where i dont live and nobody knows me.

I love everything that envolves beauty, so yes i take care of myself going to gym 5 times a week, i take care of my skin, hair, make up and i love to get pretty to stream, is everything that i love, just show myself on cam gives me real pleasure. 

I love my life, i have 2 amazing dogs and animals are a big and important part of my life, my dream goal is build a santuary, and with that i just have to say to you, i am vegan but i talk about that without judgments feel always free to speak with me about anything you want.

This year is very important for me, so i will be streaming a lot cause that dream depends a lot on the effort i give to it, so, wish me luck.

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When I am on webcam adult chat, I like to chat, laugh and play with my body and toys. I am kind, open minded, pretty and i will enjoy it a lot!


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NameAnita Lua
Zodiac signScorpion
Weight55 kilos
Body typeSexy and athletic
Sexual preferenceBisexual
DrinkRed wine, Bourbon
CityLos Angeles
CountryUnited States

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Life is just one

I am free like a bird, ive been all my life
When I am on webcam, I am on another world where i can be and do anything i want


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